IBI Consulting offers corporate training and workshops in international marketing and leadership to growth stage companies that are looking at expanding into global markets. Our services cover a practical mix of skills-based training as well as thought leadership.


Global Mindset Training & Workshops

  • Global marketing mindset assessment
  • Managing international teams and partners
  • Managing businesses in foreign markets
  • Sales and business development etiquette
  • Cross cultural communication skills
  • Cross cultural negotiation and problem solving

International Marketing & Branding Strategy

  • Market research and strategy planning
  • International positioning and image management
  • Marketing content development
  • Cross cultural marketing planning
  • International branding and communications
  • International vendor management & process improvement

Cross Cultural Management

  • Managing across markets and cultures
  • Intercultural communication at work
  • Communication methods and practices
  • Negotiation and problem solving

Media Training & Reputation Management

  • Media and communications training for leadership positions in Asia
  • Cultural taboos in official communication
  • Managing legacy issues left behind by a predecessor
  • Communications protocol during business dispute negotiation and resolution
  • How to protect and enhance your reputation and that of your brand you represent in Asia; and how to avoid common pitfalls and traps.
  • Bespoke problem solving consultancy conducted on a confidential basis to better manage reputational and legal issues arising in various Asian geographies.

Asia Leadership & Negotiations Coaching

  • Cross-cultural management training for leadership positions in Asia
  • Dos and Don’ts of being in a leadership position in Asia (regionally or in a given country).
  • Industry and function-specific coaching depending on industry and depending on whether issues are related to HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategy or Reputation
  • Led by experienced professionals and executives who have managed across cultures in Asia and programs tailored on a bespoke basis depending on client situations.